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Welcome to the official web site of the New Mexico Mounted Patrol.

The New Mexico Mounted Patrol was created, at the request of Governor John Miles, by state statute in 1941 and is directed to assist all law enforcement agencies in the state. Actually, the agency was working several years before it was created as an unfunded state agency by Statute. Each year on average Mounted Patrol Troopers have donated the equivalent of 23 full time, trained and equipped officers to New Mexico police agencies. Troopers have been working beside local and state police agencies during snow storms, State Fairs, rodeos, plane crashes, hazardous material spills, prison riots, pursued escaped felons, the anti-war riots in Albuquerque, and every weekend assisting agencies with the daily police duties. Troopers even went to New Orleans after Katrina.
When requested by a law enforcement agency, the Trooper has the same authority as the requesting agency. Mounted Patrol is governed by a Board of Directors elected from each troop around the state. Each Troop elects a Director to the Board and elects its own Troop officers.  An application for membership is made to the Troop nearest where an applicant lives. After a complete background investigation, selection is made by the Troop.
Mounted Patrol is made up of volunteers of all ages and professions. There are doctors, lawyers, retired or former police officers, ministers, salesmen and owners and employees of large and small businesses. All cadets without prior law enforcement experience attend an academy course approved by the Law Enforcement Academy Board. The course outlines used are provided by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.

Mounted Patrol contribution to the state in 2010:

Troopers have equipment available to and used by agencies valued at   $ 1,457,128  
Training hours to stay current valued at basic entry level officers pay   $ 90,000  
Hour worked for agencies valued at officers salary   $ 720,000 @ 60,000 hours  
Miles driven to meetings, training and in support of agencies   183,872 at IRS deduction $ 2,075,579  
Total value of average year services to New Mexico   $ 4,342,707  

 Chief NMMP.


Upon successful completion of the applicant process, cadets attend satellite academies throughout the state.  Each academy is directed by DPS certified instructors who teach DPS curriculum classes.  Academies are long and strenuous and require a lot of commitment.  Every academy tests the limits of the cadets and trains them to their fullest capability.  The New Mexico Mounted Patrol also accepts lateral law enforcement training.  All lateral training must be current within 2 years, state accredited & recognized by New Mexico DPS. Some mandatory training is still required for lateral applicants.

Upon completion officers are trained with a certified instructor for on the job training (OJT).  The officers apply their academy training to real life situations.

Bellow: 2 day seminar training by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in Roswell; sponsored by the 5th Judicial District DA and law enforcement.2012 Lt. Col. Grossman Training

Over the years: