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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Mexico Mounted Patrol.

Where does the Mounted Patrol receive its authority? The agency, like state police, game and fish, and other state law enforcement agencies is created by state statute. Mounted Patrol authority can be found under the law enforcement section of the state statutes 29-6-1 through 29-6-6


What is the New Mexico Mounted Patrol? The New Mexico Mounted Patrol is an unfunded, volunteer, state law enforcement agency, with a main purpose of assisting upon request other local and state agencies and regulatory bodies. Mounted Patrol is available upon request to assist state, county, and local law enforcement when they need additional officers or to be the second man in a patrol unit.


Does the Mounted Patrol have Law Enforcement Authority when not requested by another agency? No

What authority does Mounted Patrol have? Mounted Patrol Troopers have the same authority as the requesting agency. The statues read "When acting upon such call, members shall be deemed to be the agents or deputies of the authority issuing such request, shall be possessed of the same powers and duties as such requesting authorities".